Silke Lapina is a German-Filipino visual artist based in Berlin. She assisted several photographers and fine artists in the fields of street art and fashion around the globe, before receiving a B.A. in Culture- and Social Anthropology at the University of Vienna and M.A. in Religion and Culture at the Humboldt University Berlin.

Her artworks are deeply influenced by anthropology and pop culture. Executed in a wide range of media including photography, painting, installation and performance, Lapina’s work explores themes such as religion and transformation in contemporary society, meditation and interculturality. Silke Lapina’s work has been exhibited and published in numerous places, including Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich and Ile-Ife.


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Hände als Zeichen der Annäherung. Paula Dengs, Les Nouveaux Riches

Interview Silke Lapina. Liz Bautista, The Quiet Edit

Solo Exhibitions

2022           Urban Prayers. Off Space, Berlin

2021           Holy Hands. Ibn Rushd – Goethe Mosque, Berlin

2020          99 HOPES. PremArts, Berlin

2019           ALLES LICHT (OHNE ENDE LIEBE). RAP Store, Vienna

2018           You Are The Light. Rabbit-Eye-Movement Art Space, Vienna

2016           #SPREADTHELOVE. Weindealer St. Georg, Hamburg

Group Exhibitions

2022            JESUS. lebefrauu x qvartr Gallery, Hamburg

2021            RESILIENZ. EightRooms Gallery, Berlin

2021            Open Atelier. Napoleon Komplex, Berlin

2019            Daughters of Zelophehad. Ésskizziert x Kitchen Guerilla, Hamburg

2019            You+I=Light, Lightinstallation. ADIDAS Future Studio, Berlin

2018            Nigeria in Dub. Premarts, Berlin

2017             CRO TRU. Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin

2017             éspassiert x oncrete. Stilwerk, Hamburg

2016             Screen Print Show. Rabbit-Eye-Movement Art Space, Vienna

2016             Screenshots. Grafik Werkschau Halle 622, Zurich

2015             TrackSetters Entertainment Launch. Eindruck, Hamburg

2014             Fuchsbau Exclusive: Koolmilk x Silke Lapina. Loft.23, Hamburg

Selected publications and projects

2021             FEELING – Fatoni. Artwork & Musicvideo. Milan

2018             Art book: Līlā: Silke Lapina 2014-2018. Self-published: Vienna

2017             TRU Album Artwork and Art Magazine. CRO. Stuttgart/Berlin

since 2015    éspassiert collective. Visual Artist. Hamburg

2015             Fifteen Seconds of Fame, Art book. Ata Bozaci. Zürich

2014             Bygones – Paint me Picasso. Album Artwork. Hamburg


2019             “YOU+I=LIGHT” Installation and the mystic Mechthild von Magdeburg. HU Berlin

2018             Selected Artists, Portfolio Match Triennale der Photographie. Hamburg

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